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Nova Scotia Biking

Combine the charm, beauty and history of Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal and Wolfville. Experience East Coast hospitality and celebrate the culture of this fascinating region.

Central Cuba Biking

“Cuba is like a prince in a poor man’s coat: behind the sometimes shabby facades, gold dust lingers. It’s these rich dichotomies that make travel here the exciting, exhilarating roller-coaster ride it is.”

Western Cuba Biking

Western Cuba boasts white sand beaches, turquoise seas, lush valleys and quaint farming villages where life is slow and people are chill. Salsa lessons in the evenings!

Japan Biking – Kyoto to Koyasan

Starting from Kyoto, we’ll visit the cities of Uji, Nara, Koyasan and Hashimoto before returning to Kyoto. This region boasts the oldest civilizations in Japan and like most of this country, is filled with temples, castles, sake breweries and superb restaurants.

Japan Biking – Kyoto to Kanazawa

From Hikone to Kanazawa, you’ll cycle past temples, along dramatic coastlines and quiet roads. You’ll stay at traditional ryokans, enjoy welcoming onsens and delicious cuisine – that’s Japan in a nutshell.

Japan Biking – Noto Peninsula

Extending out into the Sea of Japan, the Noto Peninsula is the perfect region of Japan to experience the many contrasts of this enigmatic country. This is truly a trip like no other.

Japan Biking – Noto Peninsula

Cycle beautifully paved country roads past fishing villages and ancient temples, soak in mountain hot springs, enjoy the ceremony and rituals. Staying in traditional Ryokans allows you the most authentic experience.

Chile Biking

Sandwiched between the dramatic Andes and the Pacific Ocean, the best biking in Chile is along the Central coast region, where fertile valleys dotted with haciendas, pretty villages, and vineyards await.

Alsace Biking

Located in northeastern France, Alsace actually straddles Germany and Switzerland as well. Boasting a wealth of extraordinary art and architecture, the region is equally known for its wine and culinary offerings.

Alsace Biking

Through medieval villages with half-timbered houses, along quiet waterways and over vineyard covered hills, Alsace is an idyllic region waiting to be discovered by bike.