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Great Explorations offers lots of trips to some of the most exotic and interesting regions on the planet. To help you decide which to choose, start by deciding which country you want to visit. This might be a factor of the time you want to travel. Obviously, you will want to take into consideration climate; if traveling in November or December, you may prefer Chile or Morocco or Vietnam over western Europe for example. We rate all of our trips so you can challenge yourself as much as you like. We have designed our trips to be suitable for various fitness levels, so even in a place like Tuscany or in the hillier parts of France, we offer options for moderate rides on every trip. We include a ‘Straight Talk’ to provide any potential draw-backs whether they be levels of service or traffic. We have prepared videos to help you see first-hand what it is like to travel with us. But best of all, we suggest you speak with one of our knowledgeable Travel Advisors. Call Robbin McKinney at 800.242.1825.