Switzerland Multi-Sport

Breathtaking views, magnificent mountains, un-spoilt nature, glistening lakes and genuine hospitality – we have created a multi-sport trip to enjoy the best of Switzerland.

Gulf Islands Hiking

Journey to a place where lush forests meet the deep blue sea. Sail away to the beauty and tranquility of the Gulf Islands. Your days will be filled with experiences you'll treasure forever.

Canadian Rockies Hiking

Hearts will pound as you crest stunning mountain passes offering unparalleled views of snow-capped peaks. Rewarding hikes provide an exhilarating sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime.

New Zealand Hiking

The South Island of New Zealand is arguably the world’s most beautiful hiking destination and for good reason; the network of trails through mesmerizing scenery is unparalleled.

Dordogne Hiking

Our tour to this land of the castles of Richard the Lionheart features the most famous and spectacular section of the river, studded with castles and cave art. The hiking est parfait!

Provence Hiking

Discover the perfection of hiking in Provence. This tour provides a microcosm of all the famous characteristics of Provence: Roman ruins, perched or hanging villages painted pastel hues...

Burgundy Hiking

Burgundy was once the richest of the ancient duchies in France and continues to exhibit wealth brought about by the popularity of its wine. Gorgeous hikes await...

Canadian Rockies Multi-Sport

Embark on a high-altitude adventure! Cycle along the most spectacular parkway in the country and explore the forested walking paths and spirited waterways of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.

Provence Multi-Sport

Cycling and hiking in Provence is a sensual experience. As you move slowly through the landscape, smell the wild thyme and rosemary. Taste fresh chèvre mingled with tapenade piquante.