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Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Multi-Sport 7 Days

This active adventure into the majestic landscapes of Alaska, from Anchorage to Homer, boasts a combination of stunning cycling, glorious hikes in the Alaska Range, cruising in Prince William Sound and sea-kayaking the calm waters around Yukon Island. The scenery, wildlife and wide open spaces will astound. Stay in welcoming lodges with luxurious comforts including Captain Cook’s Lodge in Anchorage, Alyska Resort in Girdwood, Seward Windsong Lodge and Land’s End Resort in Homer. Our guides will connect you with local experts and cultural experiences that will make this journey unforgettable.

Okanagan Valley Biking

The Okanagan region of British Columbia comprises the wine (and fruit) growing areas surrounding Osoyoos, Oliver, Penticton and Kelowna. With a semi-arid climate, the area boasts long warm summers and eternal sunshine. Numerous fresh-water lakes (including the namesake ‘Okanagan’) compliment the stunning desert topography making it an attractive destination for cycling. Swank and hip accommodations and restaurants with outstanding cuisine await.

Tofino & Ucluelet Multi-Sport

Undoubtedly the ‘destination of the moment’, Tofino deserves the many superlatives used to describe this iconic west coast destination. Boasting spectacular kilometers of protected beaches (surfing anyone?), pristine forest including the Unesco Biosphere of Clayoquot Sound and a bohemian vibe, there are now luxurious hotels and fine dining experiences to match. Just down the road is a lesser-known but equally deserving destination, Ucluelet, rich in tradition with its own laid-back coastal culture. By 2021, the spectacular 40km paved bikeway that links these towns will be near completion. With this addition, and the plethora of hiking options, plus some of the best sea-kayaking in the northern hemisphere, could there be a more appealing multi-sport trip in North America?

Croatia Bike & Yacht – Premier Deluxe

Imagine the Mediterranean the way it used to be, in a country that has all the essential elements for the perfect cycling vacation - quiet roads, an abundance of historical sites and wonderful restaurants to enjoy. We’ve created a trip that takes in both Dubrovnik and Split, and the exquisite Dalmatian islands including Mljet, Korkula, Hvar and Brac, each unique and ideal for active travel (and relaxation).

Solvang, Santa Barbara & Ojai Biking

The Santa Ynes Valley, Santa Barbara and Ojai are the crown jewels of southern California cycling country. Starting in the charming village of Los Olivos we explore the quiet country roads around Solvang and the Santa Ynez valley, home to hundreds of wineries and stunning landscapes. In Santa Barbara, visit the Old Mission and then cycle along the coast. Surfing anyone? And in Ojai find your chakras and enjoy this haven for yogis and the boho-chic; it’s an uber cool town that happens to also boast great cycling and hiking options. As you might guess, food and wine lovers will find their nirvana in each of these locales as we show you the best that SoCal has to offer.

Amsterdam to Bruges Biking

Although the Dutch didn’t invent the bicycle, almost everyone in the country (including the king) rides one; the cycling infrastructure in both villages and throughout the countryside is superb. Cycling from the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam to the charming village of Bruges, Belgium, you will experience the best of these two countries. From the Unesco World Heritage site of the Kinderdijk windmills to the chocolate makers in Bruges, this is a unique journey in Europe.

Cinque Terre Hiking

Welcome to the Ligurian Coast — the jewel of the Mediterranean! Become entranced by the seductive charms of this stunning coastline. Feel the heat of the sun as you walk through terraced citrus orchards and vineyards high-above the sparkling blue waters of the sea. Breathe the aroma of freshly baked foccaccia while meandering the cobbled streets of tiny cliffside villages. Embrace the contrast between Santa Margherita’s stately villas and chic boutiques with the tranquility of Mediterranean oak forests teaming with butterflies, birds and wild flowers. Delight your palate each night with traditional pastas and fresh seafood while sipping a crisp Ligurian white. Discover this most exquisite.

Normandy Biking

Journey to a place steeped in history and art. Explore Bayeux, where the world-famous tapestry tells the story of William the Conqueror’s invasion of England in 1066. Then head along the D-Day beaches, the scene of another invasion centuries later. Explore seaside resorts graced by elegant villas and follow in the footsteps of the Impressionists who flocked here in the 19th century. Feast on fruits de mer and sip Calvados, Normandy’s famous apple brandy.

Turkey Biking

This trip combines cycling with yachting along the Turkish coast, where the Mediterranean is never far. Outstanding monuments from the Ottoman Empire, delicious cuisine and friendly locals eager to welcome visitors ensure rewarding travel. Highlights include the resort town of Bodrum, the archaelogical site of Dalyan where cliffside tombs stand testament to a time forgotten, the exotic and charming towns of Kalkan and Kas, and the Ottoman city of Antalya, where we treat you to an ancient hammam and the luxuries of the Hotel Alp Pasa.

Myanmar Biking

“This is [Myanmar], and it will be quite unlike any land you know about”, wrote Rudyard Kipling in 1898. More than a century later, Myanmar’s lure endures as a place where time stands still; the bicycle remains a favorite way for locals to travel- we’ll follow their lead exploring the treasures of this exotic land.