Prague to Vienna Biking

From the Czech Republic, our journey will include idyllic countryside of southern Bohemia. In Austria, choose between gentle bike paths or venture into the nearby moderate hills where vineyards tempt...

Kettle Valley Trail Stage 1 – Mountain Biking

From Castlegar to Beaverdell. We’ll visit the turn-of-the-century towns of Grand Forks, Greenwood, Rock Creek with some wilderness backcountry in between.

Tuscany Yoga & Biking

This journey will regenerate your mind, body and spirit: combine daily yoga sessions with invigorating cycling, pleasant walks and cultural interactions that will blend together to provide a truly memorable journey.

Kettle Valley Trail Stage 2 – Mountain Biking

From Beaverdell to Princeton. This is the classic Kettle Valley line with overnights at McCulloch Lake, Chute Lake, West Summerland, Chain Lake and Princeton.

Kettle Valley Trail Stage 3 – Mountain Biking

From Princeton to Hope. For a short get-a-way from the city, this section of the trail makes for an ideal sampler (or finisher if you have done the other stages)!