Sponsorships, Donations & Partners

Great Explorations supports charities and community events through direct donations and sponsorship of events, both local and international.

Great Explorations is interested in sponsoring events & donating to charities, especially those that support health, recreation or the protection of natural places.

If you have an event or cause, you would like us to support, please write with ‘donation request’ in the subject line to info@great-explorations.com

Charities / events that Great Explorations has donated to or supported/ sponsored include:


Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

The Big Wild

Take a Hike Foundation

Festival of Trees

Cancer Society

Whistler Blackcomb Foundation

Trips for Kids Vancouver

Great Explorations will make available grants up to $2,000 to filmmakers interested in producing films about active journeys-one of yours or one of ours. We are particularly interested in funding a cycling trip where your film can inspire people to explore the world on bike. The jury will include Alan Formanec, organizer of the Vancouver International Film Festival and Robbin McKinney of Great Explorations. The producer of the film (you) retain all rights to the film. Great Explorations funding can include cash, bicycles, camera equipment and planning assistance. To apply, please send a proposal with your trip idea to info@great-explorations.com



Cannondale Bicycles

Great Explorations is pleased to  partner with Cannondale Bicycles, the premier bicycle manufacturer in North America and in Europe. Our newest fleet of bicycles includes hybrid and racing bikes manufactured by Cannondale in the U.S.A.

Randonnee Tours

Great Explorations is a partner company to Randonnee Tours, the leading self-guided tour operator of active cycling, walking, and multi-sport tours in North America, Europe and around the world.


Vancouver Board of Trade

For more than 100 years, The Vancouver Board of Trade and its memebers have worked to promote, enhance and facilitate the development of the region as a Pacific centre for trade, commerce and travel.

Adventure Travel Trade Association

The Adventure Travel Trade Association promotes the adventure travel market and unifies the industry to facilitate knowledge sharing and a common vision.


The Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association is a mountain bike club with a focus on creating fun events for including toonies and downhill events, trail advocacy, trail maintenance and youth programs.


The purpose of the Society is to advise and represent to Government, private enterprise, and the general public, on matters concerning mountain biking in the Whistler Area.

Trans-Canada Trail Society

The main task of the Trans-Canada Trail Society is building public awareness and support for the Trans Canada Trail by public service announcements, corporate partnerships, and merchandise development.