Sponsorships & Donations

We give back!

Great Explorations supports charities and community events through direct donations and sponsorship of events, both local and international.

Great Explorations is interested in sponsoring events & donating to charities, especially those that support health, recreation or the protection of natural places.

If you have an event or cause you would like us to support, please send us an email (with ‘Donation request’ in the subject line) to info@great-explorations.com.

Charities & events that Great Explorations has donated to or supported/sponsored include:


Randonnée Tours

Great Explorations is a partner company to Randonnée Tours, the leading self-guided tour operator of active biking, hiking, and multi-sport trips in North America, Europe and around the world.


Cannondale Bicycles

Great Explorations is pleased to partner with Cannondale Bicycles, the premier bicycle manufacturer in North America and in Europe. Our fleet of bicycles includes hybrid and racing bikes manufactured by Cannondale in the U.S.A.