Packing Tips – What to take?

Packing Tips – What to take?

People often ask us, ‘What should we bring’?

For biking clothes, you should bring enough to last you through the week (keeping in mind that modern cycling clothing is easy to wash and dry en route). You’ll probably appreciate having lycra padded shorts even if you are not used to wearing them. Don’t forget a rain-jacket and a light fleece vest for cooler weather as well. Finally, cycling gloves and a helmet are essential. For cycling shoes, you’ll find those that double as walking shoes the best type. If you are bringing ‘clip-in pedals’ and shoes make sure you have some experience riding with them prior to the trip.

We generally travel with carry-on only and can fit everything on the attached list in 40 litre (maximum legal carry-on).

Suggested packing list:

Packing light is recommended.

  • 2 cycling jerseys (don’t forget you can order Great Explorations jerseys from us)
  • 2 pairs of (padded) cycling shorts
  • For those that use clip-in pedals, cycling shoes (otherwise, running shoes are fine)
  • 1 pair of lightweight sandals, especially if there are beaches where you are going
  • For women, smart-casual outfits: dresses, shirts & skirts, etc.
  • For men: 3-4 shirts suitable for dinner ‘smart casual’
  • For men: 1 pair of pants suitable for dinner ‘smart casual’
  • For men: 1 pair of shoes suitable for dinner ‘smart casual’ and/or one to stroll around towns
  • For men: 1-2 pair of casual shorts
  • Rain jacket (light-weight)
  • Fleece vest or hoodie
  • Base layer, if expecting colder weather – we always carry a capilene long-sleeved base layer just in case
  • Gloves & Helmet (attach helmet to outside of your carry-on or backpack; it’s a conversation starter)
  • Sun-hat, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, lip-balm
  • Personal first aid kit (basic road rash kit)
  • Camera/phone, charging cords and portable phone charger
  • bathing suit
  • Personal toiletries
  • Passport (check expiry), credit cards, etc and photocopies of it kept in different places (your day bag and your main luggage)
  • Journal/notepad, pen and photos of family

Please do not take valuables, unless they are fully insured.  Our rule of packing for travel is this: Take only that which ‘if you lose, won’t ruin your trip’ ie, if you have something that isn’t replaceable (on your trip), don’t bring it. Assume if you check luggage, it might not arrive- we always carry-on our essentials to ensure they get there with us!


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