The Great Explorations Difference

We are a boutique travel company with a simple philosophy,” says Robbin McKinney, Great Explorations president and owner. “We love to be innovative -we want every trip to be one-of-a-kind and to create experiences that people couldn’t easily encounter on their own. Our optional unique events and activities allow travelers to explore at the pace and style that best suits them.”

Compare our trips with others and you’ll note the important differences:

We design our trips with maximum flexibility in mind, so that you can experience a region at a pace that best suits you. Our cycling days average 25-40 miles (walking routes 4-8 miles), with optional routes for those who prefer longer distances. For those who enjoy additional time to try other activities, or relax by the pool, we plan layover days to allow you this option.

Smaller Group Size
Our trips average 12-16 travelers, a number that gives us access to the best in service, hotels and restaurants. We attract spirited individuals of all ages, with a congenial mix of singles, couples and occasionally families.

Memorable Hotels
We believe in pampering ourselves while on vacation and choose hotels that are one-of-a-kind finds, combining the authentic charm and modern comforts that make for memorable lodging. Whether in a country inn on the Canadian Gulf Islands or a luxurious parador in Spain, you will enjoy the comforts, service and hospitality of hotels that reflect the nuances of the area you’re visiting.

Gastronomic Delights
Whether in a Michelin starred restaurant in France, or at a local trattoria in Tuscany, the choice of what to order is yours. The food on our trips reflects the specialties of the region in which we’re traveling, with fresh, local ingredients and imaginative cooking.

Our Guides
Simply put, our guides are extraordinary people; they speak the local language, understand the customs and culture and know how to ensure that you have that ‘vacation of a lifetime’.