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Our guests tell us all the time that our guides are what set us apart from other companies. Knowledgeable, articulate and fun-loving, each one is a natural leader.

We are often asked what it takes to be a guide on our trips. First off, we look for interesting people who are natural leaders, passionate about the kind of travel we do, and can inspire those with them to enjoy themselves fully. Languages help lots (as you’ll see from the bios below) and living or having traveled extensively in the regions in which we tour is a prerequisite. For most of our guides, leading trips is a part-time vocation. You may be surprised to learn that some have had (or still have) careers as architects, ski instructors, artists, and teachers, musicians among others.

For European trips, we are particularly interested in those that speak French, Italian or Spanish. We are looking for individuals with a thorough understanding and appreciation of the culture of the country in which they lead trips. Ideally, this will be acquired by spending significant amounts of time in the country, either through extensive travel or living experiences.

We like to hire local guides wherever possible as we appreciate the value of local knowledge.

We expect all of our guides to be fit, strong and capable… from hefting travellers’ luggage to hoisting bicycles on and off our vehicles they do it all…and always with a smile. Great Explorations guides must be mechanically inclined…they are the resident “wrench” for maintaining and making final adjustments to bicycles for guests. Our guides are wizards on wheels, including the large, manual transmission type. That means a clean driving record and comfort and experience driving large passenger vans. And lastly, Great Explorations guides must be medically minded – with current CPR and First Aid certifications.

Spirited, adventurous and wonderfully “in the know”… our guides make every Great Explorations trip a unique experience. Though they hail from diverse backgrounds, each guide is wildly passionate about and intimately familiar with the culture, language and off-the-beaten-path secrets of the region our guests have chosen to explore. We like to think of it as sending our guests off to visit with a close family friend who will welcome them warmly, make them laugh, show them the time of their life…and knows just when to slip into the background and let them enjoy the most incredible moments uninterrupted.

Interested in becoming a Great Explorations guide? Check the last section of this page.

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When to apply?

Prospective guides are hired throughout the year, but our main hiring period is from January to March. Interested? Please send a current resume, cover letter and two professional references to (subject line: Guide Application).

Thank you for your interest!