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Ainaz M.

Age: 26
Born: German
Raised: Iranian
Currently: Canadian
Education: BASc, Mechanical Engineer
Previous Life: Trapped in a cubicle
Languages: English; Farsi; some Spanish and Italian; and a few useful words in Greek, Polish, Croatian, Slovakian, German, French and a few others
Passions: Outdoors, cycling, hiking, travel, good food, books, cats, sustainable living
Trips Guided and/or Traveled: 7 month Cycle-tour around Europe; multi-week road trip from Vancouver to Baja California; Flew halfway around the world for a better life
Favourite Trips: 11,500km cycle-tour of 22 countries in 7 months
Why: I felt at home on my bike and in my tent

2 truths and a lie:
Been on a voyage on a camel’s back
Have traveled the world
Makes a killer salsa