Event Dates:

August 7+8, 2010


150 participants


Halfmoon Bay/

(Shuttles available to ride start from Langdale)


Camping under stars

Activity Level:

If the trail was signed as ski runs are, it would be 30% green, 70% blue; for most riders, this will likely be the longest (and best) ride of your summer


By May 1: $119 CAD

By Aug 1: $129 CAD

By Aug 9: $139 CAD

Bus/bike transfers to ride start available at $20

See reg form for further details


Testimonials from 2009 Ride:

Thanks for a great weekend.  I have done LaRuta, BC Bike Race and TransRockies so I was expecting this weekend to be quite tame.  However, I am very happy to say that I was wrong.  Your trail selection was very good.  I know the trails on the SC quite well and you incorporated most of the trails I have chosen for my own rides in the past.  As for day 2, what can I say…  It’s always and excellent day when Hwy 103 & 102 are on the menu.  I even discovered some really nice trails I had not known before (and that I will return to).  In terms of a challenge, it was just perfect for what it’s intended to be. Stefan M. Vancouver, BC (advanced)

The Sunshine Coast Trail Challenge was the perfect way to explore the amazing trails on the Sunshine Coast. The staff and volunteers were supportive and friendly, the course was well marked and provided a great mixture of great climbs, awesome scenery and flowy descents. A perfect mountain bike experience in some of the world’s most deserving trails! I’ll be back! Amelia U.(intermediate)

We had a great time on the Sunshine Coast ride. We enjoyed well marked cross country trails with like minded individuals and had a blast. It was well organized and was a great way to experience riding on the Sunshine Coast for the first time. I would recommend this ride for reasonably fit XC riders. I’ll be back again next year. Jeff M. Burnaby, BC (advanced)

Amazing food, supportive crew and gorgeous biking, thank you and see you again next year!  Jodi M., Whistler (intermediate)

We loved the ride and the weeked, the place is so beautiful and the people was great. I will recomend the ride to my friends. Lina S (energetic novice)

This was such an enjoyable ride – it had enough options to either make it a well paced leisurely ride along some beautiful trails or the challenge was there if you wanted to turn it up a notch and chew it up!!!  I couldn’t believe the range of folks we met and the loyalty and commitment towards Great-Explorations from some of these riders is phenomenal.  I hope I’m still riding when I’m 72!!!

Allison S. Whistler, BC (intermediate)

I thought this event was very very well organized and run by positive helpful people/volunteers.  There was an excellent choice of food, great food, and lots of it.  The signage on this 90+km of trail was incredible.   The choice of trails was great too: I had no idea there were so many or so much variety on the Sunshine Coast.  It looks like an awful lot of work was put into a lot of those.  I would recommend this event to all my really active friends. Theresa G., Vancouver (energetic novice)

I absolutely loved this ride.  I have ridden my great trails and this ride ranks right up there with the best.  Every thing went smoothly and the food was great.  It is hard to think of how you can improve, this was are really fun two days. Havey P, Vancouver (advanced)

I would recommend this ride for anyone of beginner/intermediate (and above) riding ability that is looking for a fantastic challenge with beautiful scenery, wonderful food and great people.  I will definitely do this again next year. Kim H. (intermediate)

This was my first time on the Sunshine Coast Trail Challenge and it was pretty amazing.  The scenery is beautiful, the trails are fun and challenging enough for an energetic novice like myself, and I met a ton of great people.  I'm already looking forward to next year! Jaclyn K., (energetic novice)

I would recommend this ride for anyone looking for a fun, safe and challenging weekend of mountain biking. It is a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere where you can choose to push your limits or take it easy.  My only wish is that these rides were available every month during the summer. What an absolute blast! Amir S. (advanced)

This ride is a great introduction for enthusiast bikers who want to travel x-mountain, test themselves, explore and have their mind expanded on some of the best long distance mountain bike rides on the Sunshine Coast.   Lori K, (intermediate)

I would recommend this ride for a real challenge. You need to be pretty fit but because it is not a race there is tons of support for whatever pace you go....very friendly and great fun.....get this one on your bucket list. Then do it! Charles B. (intermediate)

My 16 year old son and I enojyed ourselves immensely. We ride road bikes and mountain bikes quite a bit , so we were in great shape for the challenge. Overall, I was very impressed with the organization of the event and your staff did a marvelous job of ensuring that things ran smoothly. The Saturday dinner, the lunches and food stops along the way were fantastic. There was a good mix of ages present and I was pleased to see a strong showing of female riders. Tony B., Langley (advanced)

I would recommend this ride for adventurous souls. For those who are looking for a physical and mental challenge, for those who don't mind working for the reward of fantastic descents, tasty food, and great camaraderie. Saskia A., (advanced)

Thanks to your staff and all your volunteers, they were a great bunch and very helpful.  The dinner at Porpoise Bay was excellent and all the food and rest stops were also very good.  As far as rating the trails, for a 74 year old, many of them were double black diamonds for me.  I completed both days in one piece, a little stiff today, put feeling very pleased with myself.  I will recommend this ride for many of the younger "Gallagher Old Farts" and for my sons, who are very good mountain bikers.... Bill C, Kelowna BC (aged 74)