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Welcome to the serenity and wide-open spaces of Canada, where the natural wonders will captivate your imagination. Savor the peace of old-growth forests and flower-strewn meadows. Kayak into hidden coves, where seals bask in the sun. Feast on fresh peaches warmed by the sun, sip the finest vintages, and treat yourself to world-class cuisine. Explore pretty villages and ride over covered bridges, taste tortière, and practice your French. Pedal along the rocky shore of the mighty Atlantic, where fishing boats bob on the waves and pods of whales frolic. Discover a paradise of lush tropical rainforests, over lava fields, and along dazzling white and black sand beaches. Ride amongst giant redwoods and meander through sun-drenched vineyards. Become enthralled by spectacular canyonlands, overlooked by towering mesas and fantastic arches.