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If you have questions, please feel free to speak to one of our Travel Advisors by calling 800.242.1825 or 604.730.1247

You may wish to review the questions below as we have tried to provide answers to those most commonly asked.

What kind of people come on these tours?

Our guests are different ages and abilities and from all walks of life; in terms of fitness, some consider themselves energetic novices and some like to challenge themselves with distance and hills. What our guests share is the joy of traveling by bike or on foot. We encourage people to travel with us who like to enjoy themselves and who are travel-curious, engaging and interesting. Relax, be open-minded and you'll enjoy yourself.

Why are the tours not 'rated'?

We don't like to discourage anyone from considering any trip. All of our trips can be enjoyed by people with reasonable fitness. Our Travel Advisors can help you choose a trip to suite your style of riding and fitness. Most tours are rated as moderate to intermediate level tours. The average daily cycling distance is 40-60 km (about 30 miles). Walking tours average 8-12 km per day (5-8 miles). This usually requires 4-5 hours of pedaling or walking per day. With stops and rests, more time would be added. Details for each tour can be found on the tour's detailed itinerary. 

How hard are the hills on the tour?

Throughout most of Europe, the terrain is hilly. In general, you can expect some hills on each cycling day some of which may take 10-15 minutes to ride up. Hills include a decline as well as an incline! Riding hills introduces variety into the day's ride which can be less fatiguing than constantly riding on a level surface. The key exception is the Loire Valley tour, which is flat. Similar circumstances apply for the walking tours. Specifics on terrain can be found on each tour's detailed itinerary sheets.

What kind of shape do I have to be in?

A basic level of fitness is needed. The fitter that you are, the more that you will enjoy the tour.

What can I do if I find the cycling or walking too tiring?

Our support van is available should you require a lift and the guides carry cell phones so that this can be arranged easily if necessary. We spend two nights in some hotels, and you are welcome to take a day off from cycling or walking if you would like to on the second day of each stay.

If I am very fit, will this tour be challenging enough for me?

For very fit riders, there are extra kilometers and hills that you can add as an option. There are some longer routes for the walking tours as well, but we can help you select a tour that is more challenging in terms of average distances walked.